Vote Says Pluto’s Newest Moon To Be Named Vulcan

‘Vulcan’, the name of Spock’s fictional planet of origin, has topped a public vote to name a recently discovered moon of Pluto. More than 450,000 people voted in the online poll run by the SETI Institute, and the name Vulcan won by a significant amount, notching up 174,062 votes. The name was originally suggested by William Shatner and is a clear public favourite with 40% of the vote.

But it is the IAU has the final say in choosing the names of newly discovered moons P4 and P5 and they could take up to two months to decide. The other possibilities are ‘Cerberus’, in second place with 99,432 votes and ‘Styx’, a close third with 87,858 votes, both of which fit the mythological naming scheme of Pluto and its moons, which means a break with tradition if the IAU honour the public vote.

Pluto and its moon

via The BBC

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