Unusual Camera Emphasises Time Over Space

This is actually quite strange to get your head around but these weirdly abstract and surreal looking images are not the result of any kind of Photoshoppery or other image manipulation. They’re taken by Jay Mark Johnson using a slit camera that emphasizes time over space.

Still things are smeared into stripes while things in motion are registered moment by moment as they pass the camera with the width of an object corresponding not to distance or size but to the rate of movement. Viewing the left side of the picture is not looking leftward in space but backward in time.

It’s a strange concept to get your head around for sure, but the images that the technique produces look great and it brings a whole other dimension to them knowing that they are unmanipulated.

Surreal abstract photograph of horses
Surreal abstract photograph of a swimmer
Surreal abstract photograph of a dancer

via Slate

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