The Four Hardest Computing Problems On Earth

The complete list of computing problems is actually quite large, and although it is obviously very important to figure out how to get more cats onto the internet, there are other things even more important than that. Yes.

America’s most powerful supercomputer runs calculations so quickly it makes your laptop look like an abacus. The machine, called Titan, is located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. It is also the fastest supercomputer the world. It can process more than 17 petaflops of data per second — that’s roughly 20,000 trillion simultaneous calculations. Though Titan has the strength of 500,000 laptops, computer scientists are hungry for more. Already, they are dreaming of a machine that could manage an exaflop of data, which would require about 50 times more processing power than Titan. So-called exascale computing could let researchers answer some of the toughest scientific problems.

The 4 hardest computing problems on Earth via CNN

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