Spot The Owl – 50 Pictures Of Owls Showing Off Their Mad Camouflage Skills

It’s a little known fact that although they’re most famous for reading books and being very clever, owls are also ruthless nighttime killers and masters of disguise.

In fact, the Latin name for the owl family of birds, Strigidae, translates literally as ‘forest boss’ and it would be fair to say that when it comes to disguising themselves in order to jump out and silently kill you, they are the ninjas of the woodlands.

Let’s play spot the owl as we take a look at 50 great examples of owl camouflage. The owls will get harder to see the further down the page you scroll. And please note that none of these images are Photoshopped and no owls were modified in any way to get these pictures.

Eagle Owl in a rock
Eagle Owl – photo by Lukas Vermeer

Owl walking on gravel
Photo by P A B S

Snowy Owl sleeping in the snow
Snowy Owl having a nap – photo by Marie Sharp
Tawny Owl well camouflaged against an oak tree
Tawny Owl in an Oak tree – photo by Chris Boys
Great Gray Owl in a tree
Great Gray Owl looking all psycho – photo by Nancy Clarke
Eastern Screech Owl snoozing in a tree stump
Gray phase Eastern Screech Owl having a snooze – photo by Wayne Nelson
Snowy Owls sitting on some logs
Snowy Owls hanging out on logs – photo by JLWills
Owl looking down from a tree
Photo by Amy Fountain
Rocky owl on a rock
Lous Argerich

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2 Responses to “Spot The Owl – 50 Pictures Of Owls Showing Off Their Mad Camouflage Skills”

    • Rachel C.

      In the centre of the photo, on the ground and behind some of the tall grass. You can just barely see his eyes and the shape of his head. Once I zoomed in, I saw him right away. He’s VERY hard to spot!


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