Soviet Bus Shelters

Soviet architecture is often thought of as blocky and austere, the communist drive for conformity producing only cheerless spartan designs. However, one unlikely area where this apparently wasn’t the case is the public transport sector.

Rather than mass-producing a single universal and functional design, things really kicked off when it came to soviet bus shelters- with an array of experimental architectural designs and murals and mosaics that varied depending on the region, often reflecting the local culture, history or industries.

With the breakup of the Soviet Union many of these amazing bus stops are fast deteriorating from their former glory, which if anything, only adds to their eerie sense of otherworldliness.

Arch shaped Soviet bus shelter
Painted Soviet bus shelter
Decorated Soviet bus shelter
Experimental Soviet bus shelter
Boxed interior Soviet bus shelter
Arched Soviet bus shelter
Fancy Soviet bus shelter

via Colchu and Polar Inertia | Photos by Christopher Herwig

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