Scrub That Facebook Timeline Clean

Students at Kent State University who spent a weekend together at a University of Pennsylvania Hackathon have come up with a way to make the very public face of your Facebook stream at least look less mental than it actually is.

To give your Facebook stream a clean, simply visit the site they’ve set up, FaceWash, and log in to your Facebook account to hook things up.

App to clean your Facebook timeline

After the digital handshake is done, you’ll be given the opportunity to start the process of sifting out all those old social bloopers.

App to clean your Facebook timeline

As results come in, you can choose to remove them or hide them from your public timeline, weeding out all the funny-at-the-time picture uploads and salty comments.

Whatever your reason for needing to give your timeline the once over, Facewash will definitely help you save time in finding any ‘unprofessional’ content you might want to remove.

The Kent State trio are also working on a Twitter version for those of us who like to dish out verbal abuse on as many social channels as possible.


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