Inflatable Dinosaur ‘Panic Room’

This massive walk-in lizard is situated in the parking lot of the Dream Town mall in Obolon, Kiev and according to the Ukraine Online Travel Guide ‘lots of people have already been to a panic room’. But in case you’re still wondering what the point is of a large inflatable iguana thing just sort of dumped in a car park, the guide goes on to mention the many ‘special effects’ you will encounter on the way to the monster’s ‘rear hole’.

Large inflatable lizard
Panic room

A new panic room has opened in the capital of Ukraine in Obolonsky avenue. It is located inside an inflatable dinosaur. Visitors are welcome to enter the exposition through the enormous mouth of the raptor and take a walk along its heart, lungs and gullet. On the way to the exit (which is located in the rear hole of the inflatable monster) visitors will encounter a lot of exciting special effects. This adventure will impress both children and their parents.

A panic room inside a dinosaur via Ukraine Online Travel Guide

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