Gustave Dore Illustrations Of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Antaeus-Descent To The Last Circle
Antaeus-Descent To The Last Circle – But lightly in the abyss, which swallows up / Judas with Lucifer, he put us down (Inf. XXVI, 142, 143)
The Eagle
The Eagle – Terrible as the lightning he descended, / And snatched me upward even to the fire (Purg. IX, 29 30)
Arachne – O mad Arachne! so I thee beheld / E’en then half spider (Purg. XII, 43, 44)
Apocalyptic Procession
Apocalyptic Procession – The four and twenty elders, two by two, / Came on incoronate with flower-de-lice (purge. XXIX, 83, 84)
The Whore And The Giant
The Whore And The Giant – Upright beside her I beheld a giant; / And ever and anon they kissed each other (Purg. XXXII, 152, 153)

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