Gustave Dore Illustrations Of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Tumult And Escape
Tumult And Escape – Hardly the bed of the ravine below / His feet had reached, ere they had reached the hill / Right over us (Inf. XXIII, 52-54)
Thieves – Among this cruel and most dismal throng / People were running naked and affrighted (Inf. XXIV, 91,92)
Transformation Into Snakes
Transformation Into Snakes – “O me, Agnello, how thou changes! / Behold, thou now art neither two nor one” (Inf. XXV, 68, 69)
Bertram De Born
Bertram De Born – By the hair it held the head dissevered, / Hung from the hand in fashion of a lantern, / And that upon us gazed and said: “O me!” (Inf. XXVIII, 121-123)
Geri De Bello
Geri De Bello – But said Virgilius: “What dost thou still gaze at? / Why is thy sight still riveted down there / Among the mournful, mutilated shades?” (Inf. XXIX, 4-6)

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