Great Animated Gif Artworks From Moving The Still

‘The time for officially celebrating the GIF is long overdue’, say the folks involved in Moving the Still, and you have to agree with them. Celebrating the 25th birthday of the humble Graphics Interchange Format, it’s a large-scale, open call festival for original GIF art that aims to showcase animated GIFs as a new genre of digital art.

The Festival is curated by Paddle8 and submissions will be published on a rolling bases from October 17th through November 7th, culminating in a live exhibition during Miami Art Week 2012.

It’s really great to see the quality of gif work that’s being submitted. Here are some of my favourites.

Animated gif called Boom
Boom by Yunfan Tan
Animated gif called Dead Cat
Dead Cat by Wynnie Crews
Animated gif called Reblorg
Totally Fucking Radical by Reblorg

Animated gif called The Crystal
The Crystal by patakk
Animated gif called Winter Trail
Winter Trail by Phil Elverum
Animated gif called Slow Ride To Toronto
Slow Ride To Toronto by Peter Marquez
Animated gif called Pigeon 1
Pigeon 1 by Peter Marquez
Animated gif called Pigeon 2
Pigeon 2 by Peter Marquez
Animated gif called Dither Cube
Dither Cube by Mars Dolschon
Animated gif called Net
Net by Mark Vargo
Animated gif called Secretarygraph II
Secretarygraph II Manuel Lino

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