Found Faces – 15 Unintentional Faces In Objects

Pareidolia is the official name for the tendency to see faces in inanimate objects, according to psychologists. They say that the neuropsychological phenomenon is a cognitive illusion whereby our eyes see something and our mind interprets its structure, the result being the experience of seeing something that really is not there.

Well, given that our mind interprets the structure of everything that our eyes see, and figuring out if any experience is actually real or not is a matter of hardcore ontology, I’m going to ignore what the stupid psychologists have to say and get on with looking at some great found faces.

Unintentional Faces In Objects

Washing machine is hungry for more.

Washing machine that looks like it has a face
via bart

According to someone who sounds like a bit of an expert, this could actually be ‘a Polypore mushroom growing upon a tree substrate … even two species of rust/polypore infecting the same tree‘. According to other experts it could just be a little guy getting stoned.

Pine cone face

Chilled out motorcycle engine.

Motorcycle engine with a relaxed looking face
photo by wokka

This is actually part of the lunar landing module from a failed Soviet space mission. He looks like he’s still in a state of shock.=

Soviet lunar lander
photo via Wired

Fossilized robot.

Some kind of concrete box in a wall with a face
Photo by Esther Simpson

Cookie Monster bin.

Bin that looks like Cookie Monster
photo by Jessica

I can’t help imagining this tough guy street sign taking like Marlon Brando or De Niro in Taxi Driver.

Street sign that looks like a funny wee man
photo by ilse_ilse

It’s difficult to tell if this is some kind of funny plastic thing that looks like a goblin or a goblin that looks like a funny plastic thing. Or Paul Daniels.

Plastic thing with a face
photo by Bill Kennedy

This grumpy rock is actually called Macfarquhar’s Bed and is located near Cromarty in the highlands of Scotland, if you fancy going round for a bit of a chat to see what’s up.

Sea cave with a grumpy looking face
photo by Bill Kennedy

This gormless tourist viewer is preparing for a career change as a Muppet.

Tourist viewing binoculars that look like a muppet
photo by Ruben Steeman

Wise old furniture.

Wooden furniture with a wise looking face

Despairing box.

Veg box with a face and a somewhat despairing expression
photo by Stephen May

Surly architecture.

Building with a surly looking face
photo by Seth Tisue

Surely this pair of bug eyed canisters must be full of laughing gas.

Two cannisters with dials that look like crazed faces
photo by j.luc

And finally, I couldn’t resist putting these two together and doing a bit of matchmaking between the parking meter and the sexy train station junction box.

Station junction boxes that look like a female face
photo by John Beton
Paring meter with a face
photo by Paul Kelly

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