Dueling Pistols Made Of Bone

New Zealand artist Bruce Mahalski has made a pair of sculptural dueling pistols out of bone. They look pretty crazy, reminding me somewhat of the scene in the David Cronenberg film [amazon asin=B004SUDQ72&text=eXistenZ] when the character Ted Pikul assembles an organic gun from the mutant amphibian ‘special’ dish he orders at a Chinese restaurant.

Bidding opens at NZD1500, which is about 762 British pounds or 1236 US dollars.

Two bone dueling pistols (with spare bullets) mounted in a custom altered case which has been counter-sunk into a specially made rimu table. All of the bones have been found locally by the artist. The head on the bottom gun is from a ferret and the top one is from a black-backed gull. Both have barrels made from cat’s vertebrae. This archival quality work by Wellington artist, Bruce Mahalski (with assistance from local jeweler, Vaune Mason) has not yet been exhibited and this is the first time it is being offered for sale.

Pair of dueling pistols made of bone
Dueling pistols made of bone

Bone Pistol Set

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