A Fork In The Road

On Tuesday in Carlsbad, California, at a fork in the road between Levante Street and Anillo Way, a six foot tall actual fork appeared, apparently out of nowhere.

It turns out it had been installed by a 62-year-old retired maths and physics teacher who wished to remain anonymous and said he had been wanting to do it ever since he saw The Muppet Movie in 1979- when Kermit tells Fozzie Bear, on their way to Hollywood, to bear left if he comes to a fork in the road.

And so thirty years later, he spent the summer making the idea into a reality. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the local authorities disapproved of the guerilla creativity and the large literal utensil was unceremoniously taken down the next day.

However, local residents who had enjoyed its brief appearance were sad to see it go and have started taping normal forks to a nearby road sign in protest.

For fork’s sake, they should have just left it!

Large sculpture of a fork situated at a fork in the road
photo by Jim Grant

Link via Neatorama

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