The Decline Of English Murder By Alan Moore

The title might be a bit misleading. It’s not- the decline of English murder by Alan Moore- in the sense that everyone’s favourite warlock enjoys killing people in his spare time and has slowed up in his activities of late. No, it’s not that. It’s- The Decline Of English Murder, by Alan Moore. As in, everyone’s favourite warlock has only gone and released a single. Yes, you read that right!

It’s the first single to be released from Occupation Records’ upcoming second album and will cost you a single Great British Pound, with the profits all going to ‘support Occupy and related movements’.

The ‘Decline of English Murder’, tells the story of the ‘English murder’ imposed on the people by the greed of the banks and incompetence of the state, and is written and sung by Moore with music by Joe Brown.

And what’s not to love about lyrics like these-

She sorts out her hair in the washroom at Preston Services/Dries her hands under a notice that reads have you seen this child/And she nurses one tea for an hour in the cafeteria/Watching the truck drivers blind their fried eggs with the cutlery/And English Murder/It’s all over her face.

Go. And. Buy. It. Now!

Flyer for the single The Decline Of English Murder by Alan Moore
The Decline Of English Murder

via Bleeding Cool

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