The Art Of Punk MOCA Documentary Series

The great legacy of punk of course is that it’s ultimately an indestructible attitude that will perpetually spring up in response to the unending cultural manifestations of blandness and mediocrity. Everything changes but the punk idea will never die (no matter how hard the forces of vapidity try to subsume it).

The Art of Punk is a series of documentaries from MOCAtv, the video channel of Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art.

The series opens with the above episode on Black Flag and Raymond Pettibon, designer of the band’s well-known four-bar icon. It catches up with not just him, but founding singer Keith Morris and bassist Chuck Dukowski.


Further punk viewing:

Punk’s Not Dead, the 2007 documentary below, mostly focuses on 80s and 90s U.S. bands..

Punk: the Early Years is a very early document of the movement in Britain. Originally created for U.K. television in 1998, the documentary collects 1977-78 concert footage and interviews with musicians and scenesters who witnessed the birth of a style characterized by “pogoing, spitting, and safety pins”.

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