Tentacled Snakes Unexpectedly Reproduce

Tentacled snakes in water
Tentacled snake on someone's hand
Tentacled snake on someone's other hand

Tentacled snakes are listed as a species of concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They are also pretty badass, getting their name from the crazy tentacles that protrude from their snouts, functioning as sensory mechanisms that allow them to pick up vibrations and ambush passing fish.

Well, two of these reptiles that had not produced viable offspring in the past four years surprised everyone at the National Zoo in Washington DC by giving birth to eight baby tentacled snakes on October 21st.

Within a few hours of being born, the snakes were already acting like adults. Instincts took over and they were hunting. We don’t know much about this cryptic species, but we’re already learning so much just watching them grow.
Matt Evans, Reptile Discovery Center keeper.

via Huffington Post

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