Submerged New Jersey Star Jet Roller Coaster

Photographer Stephen Wilkes was one of five photographers commissioned by TIME magazine to capture Hurricane Sandy using Instagram. Soon after the project was complete he answered his own personal need to return back to the same areas and document the aftermath.

And so, on Sunday November 4th, he rented a helicopter and flew over some of the most hard struck areas, including the New Jersey shore where he shot these beautifully desolate images of The Star Jet roller coaster at Casino Pier amusement park.

Submerged rollercoaster

I’ve often found that there is great power in telling difficult stories in a beautiful way. Interest in any given story wanes so quickly, yet it’s only through taking the time to go deeper that we get to a place of real understanding. I had to return to this story, and I wanted try to comprehend the scale of this storm. The only way for me to capture Sandy’s destructive fury was from above.

Rollercoaster submerged
Rollercaoster in the sea

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