Show Cave Photography

Los Angeles based photographer Austin Irving’s ongoing photography project takes a look at the phenomenon of ‘show caves’ across the world, examining the intersection of the breathtaking natural beauty and the artificial intervention- man-made lighting, exit signs, walkways. The images highlight the┬ácontrast and tension that exists between these slow-forming geological anomalies and the human augmentations that can be equal parts beautiful and grotesque.

Show cave with penguin bins
Dau Go Cave Interior With Penguin Trash Cans, Viet Nam
Colourful show cave lighting
Shenandoah Caverns Disco Pool
Contrasting light in a show cave
Dau Go Cave Fake vs Natural Light, Viet Nam
Show Cave
Ten Gates Of Hell Exit, Singapore
Revolving door in a cave
Carlsbad Elevator Room, N.M.
Telephone in a show cave
Shenandoah Caverns Underground Phone

via The Morning News

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