Guy Reads A Massive 2000AD Collection And Blogs About It

In his own words, cartoonist Paul Rainey described his Prog Slog project thusly, “Where I endeavour to read every issue, or prog, of 2000 AD and appropriate associated comics, specials and annuals published between number one and 1,188”. Yes, you read that right. After impulsively buying the monster collection of the greatest comic to ever see print, the barmy illustrator decided to not only read them all pretty much back-to-back, but to blog the entire process as well! And that he did. The Prog Slog Blog is a impressive documentary of the whole experience. The  ‘slog’ part of the name might be a something of a misnomer however. Paul admits that he “became a little obsessed with it”, starting to buy up collections of other related titles and goes on to say “When I started, I fully expected to enjoy the first ten years worth of 2000 ADs but after that for it to then be really hard work. The truth is that, over all, I enjoyed the following thirteen years as well.”

The whole project finished a while ago but The Prog Slog Blog remains as an archive of one man’s quest for thrill power.

2000AD thrill overload

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