Apply For Human Settlement On Mars

Are your thought processes are persistent? Is your humour a creative resource, used appropriately as an emerging contextual response? Do you have a ‘Can do!’ attitude?

Well, you might just have enough of the key characteristics of an astronaut to make it onto the first human settlement on Mars. And you might want to keep up to date with the Mars One organisation, which is totally for real, and on a mission to establish a human settlement on the red planet in 2023.

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor by involving the whole world as the audience of an interactive, televised broadcast of every aspect of this mission, from the astronaut selections and their preparations to the arrival on Mars and their lives on the Red Planet.

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