Alan Moore Interviewed On Get Fresh In 1987

The title says it all really. This is everyone’s favourite story spinning Warlock being interviewed on late-eighties British children’s TV show Get Fresh. Interestingly, it’s at a time when Moore’s reputation as a demi-god of comics was yet to be fully established as Watchmen was still being issued.

Also of note, is how we can now look back- a full quarter century later- and declare Moore’s disheveled main as the clear winner versus Gaz Top’s power mullet.

And here’s a fantastically unlikely photo from Alan Moore’s appearance on the show. From left to right, Gaz Top, Charlotte Hindle, Cliff Richard, Shakin’ Stevens, Alvin Stardust, Alan Moore.

Alan Moore on children's TV show Get Fresh

The photo is from Alan Moore: Story Teller.

via A Moment Of Moore

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